15+ Tattoos You’ll Have to Look at Twice to Understand

15+ Tattoos You’ll Have to Look at Twice to Understand

Tattoo art is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Different techniques are constantly being implemented and things like 3D tattoos allow for an incredibly realistic look. Some tattoos are so detailed and so creative that it’s almost impossible to understand exactly what they are at first glace.

We at Bright Side have compiled a list of photos of really interesting tattoos that you will definitely enjoy. There’s an impressive bonus at the end, so don’t forget to check it out!

Behind the window


This is Sparta!

The Old World

window.TSP.DFP.triggeredSlots.csEnded.inreadDesktop = {
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getCsSlotIndex: function (n) {
n = /(d+)(L|R)w*/.exec(n);
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return n;
setSingleSlot: function (ret, parentContainer) {
if (!ret) {
var childs = parentContainer.getElementsByClassName(‘dfp-ad-block-div’);
for (var i = 0; i < childs.length; i++) {
trigger: function (context) {
var parentElement = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
var ret = parentElement.classList.contains('inread-desktop-container') && !parentElement.classList.contains('dfp-single-inread-block');

if (ret) {
var cs = this.getCsSlotIndex(context.slotTrg.cs_slot_index[0]);
this.queue[cs.index] = !this.queue[cs.index] ? {L: false, R: false} : this.queue[cs.index];
this.queue[cs.index][cs.type] = true;
ret &= this.queue[cs.index]['L'] && this.queue[cs.index]['R'];
this.setSingleSlot(ret, parentElement);

return ret;
action: function (context) {
var parentContainer = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
parentContainer.dataset.state = 'closed';

Deep inside, he is Spider-Man.



Close up


Very realistic!

Don’t jump!




A whole universe

Bonus: Amazing body paintings by Hikaru Cho


Perfect fit

What are some of the most impressive tattoos that you’ve ever seen? Do you have any realistic-looking tattoos? Share your photos with us in the comments!

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