20+ Wacky Mailboxes That Take Creativity to a Whole New Level

20+ Wacky Mailboxes That Take Creativity to a Whole New Level

If you think a mailbox is simply a container for letters, magazines, and ads, you’ve probably never seen ones like these. These people used their creativity and imagination to turn something ordinary like a mailbox into a work of art.

Luckily, almost everyone has cameras handy these days and were able to capture these awesome mailboxes so Bright Side could to share them here with you.

1. It all started with a manatee mailbox…

2. The opportunity to dress up the mailbox for Halloween just couldn’t be missed.

3. You’ve got mail, sir.

window.TSP.DFP.triggeredSlots.csEnded.inreadDesktop = {
queue: ,
getCsSlotIndex: function (n) {
n = /(d+)(L|R)w*/.exec(n);
n = {index: n ? n[1] : 0, type: n ? n[2] : null};
return n;
setSingleSlot: function (ret, parentContainer) {
if (!ret) {
var childs = parentContainer.getElementsByClassName(‘dfp-ad-block-div’);
for (var i = 0; i < childs.length; i++) {
trigger: function (context) {
var parentElement = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
var ret = parentElement.classList.contains('inread-desktop-container') && !parentElement.classList.contains('dfp-single-inread-block');

if (ret) {
var cs = this.getCsSlotIndex(context.slotTrg.cs_slot_index[0]);
this.queue[cs.index] = !this.queue[cs.index] ? {L: false, R: false} : this.queue[cs.index];
this.queue[cs.index][cs.type] = true;
ret &= this.queue[cs.index]['L'] && this.queue[cs.index]['R'];
this.setSingleSlot(ret, parentElement);

return ret;
action: function (context) {
var parentContainer = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
parentContainer.dataset.state = 'closed';

4. We wouldn’t advise putting any important mail in here.

5. Fire up the engine!

6. You can’t possibly have too many Minions.

7. “I am a mailosaurus”

8. When this mailbox design got out of control:

9. Need more Minions? No problemo.

10. Is it an Easter hippo or a freaky bunny?

11. Come get your mail, if you dare…

12. “I’m a very happy mailbox! No bills will keep me down!”

13. I’m watching you. No bills, please!

14. Say, “Cheeeeese”!

15. These eyes are…special.

16. Hopefully this The Scream mailbox doesn’t literally scream.

17. Is it cute or spooky? It’s hard to tell.

18. These eyes will follow us forever.

19. Crazy, creative, awesome.

20. Pest control is not welcome here.

21. Snoopy wants to eat those ads.

22. “Which leg do you like? I have six more to choose from.”

23. This one is getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

24. A Star Trek mailbox? Wow, just wow.

25. “No junk mail, I’m watching you.”

26. That’s quite an impressive piece of equipment.

27. A really stylish mailbox

Have you ever passed a house with a mailbox that stood out from the others? Add its photo to the comments below and share this article with your friends!

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