An Italian Artist Creates Illustrations Showing Sensuality and the Beauty of Touch

An Italian Artist Creates Illustrations Showing Sensuality and the Beauty of Touch

Frida Castelli is a young Italian artist. Her first works appeared on the Internet in 2016 and became popular very fast. Her illustrations are easy to recognize and are done in pastel shades. They manage to capture the feeling of sensuality, the happiness of touch and a little sadness. Many illustrations on Frida’s Instagram page are tagged, #missyoueveryday. There is very little information about Frida herself. She says that she doesn’t like talking about herself and thinks that her art is more interesting than her personality.

Bright Side offers you to take a look these illustrations by an artist who feels the flame between lovers and so accurately expresses it on paper.

Months without you

70 days

“If I don’t see you ever again…”

45°29’00″ North, 9°12’00″ East

“You are everything. You are my love.”

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“I should have kissed you more.”

“Fill in the holes of my soul.”


The smell of your skin

“Falling in love with you every five minutes.”

“Hug me tighter.”

— “What will the world be like when you don’t love me anymore?”


— “There will never be a world where I don’t love you.”

The place to be.

10 days

Never go away.

Many days

“Tell me about the last time you felt happy.”

Welcome home.

48 days

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