An NYC Artist Is Adding His Magical Touch to Dull Street Objects and It’s Inspiring

An NYC Artist Is Adding His Magical Touch to Dull Street Objects and It’s Inspiring

What happens when a guy with a super creative mind goes for a walk? Whatever he touches turns into something awesome to look at! This street artist takes the most ordinary, boring things that we see every day into some of the coolest art around.

Here at Bright Side, we love having a good laugh and admire people with creative minds and an unleashed imagination. We prepared this selection to show you how just one artist can completely change his city’s surroundings.

1. This “V” is for victory

2. “Can I have some privacy, please?”

3. “Did you pick up all your trash? That’s the only warning you get!”

4. “I’m still a spider, no need to count the legs.”

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parentContainer.dataset.state = 'closed';

5. You can never have too many cats.

6. “Hello, who wants to play?”

7. “Lalala!”

8. “Hello, my darling.”

9. “Peekaboo, I see you!”

10. Fitter, faster, stronger

11. Now, that’s what we call global warming.

12. When your landlord won’t allow you to have a puppy:

13. It’s always a good time for some chin-ups.

14. “Put a tiger in your tank,” they said.

15. Smile, you’re on camera!

16. Skate to create.

17. “We’re cute and we know it!”

18. If you dare come a little closer…

19. Oopsy daisy!

20. All you need is love.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a guy like this in every city? Have you seen anything in your town that would fit into this selection? Add your photos in the comments below.

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