Dad Turns His Sons’ Drawings Into a Very Hilarious Reality

Dad Turns His Sons’ Drawings Into a Very Hilarious Reality

Kids’ drawings usually make adults smile. Some prefer to hang these “masterpieces” on the wall; others simply throw them away. Tom, a father of 2 boys, Dom and Al, decided to turn the drawings of his own kids and other talented little artists into reality.

Bright Side invites you to look at how the funny characters of children’s sketches could look in reality.

A rainbow unicorn

Dad’s portrait

A trip to the zoo

Donald Trump

Pythons can be different.

My sweet cat

Either a toad or a frog or…?

A dangerous shark!

The hosts of a BBC radio show

A lion from Africa

“An elephant,” Olivia, aged 3

Just a rabbit

The premiere of Paddington 2

A baby on a walk

“A lionet,” Roos, aged 7

Andy Murray, a famous tennis player

A bird caught a worm.

A bear cub

A rooster in Trafalgar Square

A tractor from our district

Elephants can also be different.

Kylie Gillies, an Australian TV presenter

Chickens (press to watch the process)


A bat at midnight

Easter bunny?

Santa Claus visited us.

Here he is — the reindeer!


Has this funny idea inspired you? Please share your impressions with us!

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