20+ Photos That Are So Perfect You’ll Need To Look At Them Twice

People have this innate tendency to admire and behold things that are creatively arranged, neatly organized, accurately aligned, and perfectly color-coded. Whether that peaceful scene is purposely handcrafted or made by pure coincidence, the impact it has on us is bizarrely calming. If you are a person who loves neatly organized items and perfectly shaped things, the following photos will definitely treat you to a silent shriek of satisfaction. Scroll through the following aesthetically pleasing pictures, and be assured that there’s still peace in this big ol’ crazy world.

1. I dispensed some dark green paint into a gallon and now it looks like a perfect tear drop.

2. The perfect scoop of ice cream

3. This perfect ball of fur.

4. Perfectly formed ice fractals.

5. Car coated perfectly by snow.

6. Blue travel suitcase cube.

7. A crescent moon silhouette.

8. Color spectrum inspired stacking.

9. Creatively stacked printed shirts.

10. Dog stripe perfectly lined with water on shore.

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