27 Women’s Trends That Can Make Your Hair Stand on End

27 Women’s Trends That Can Make Your Hair Stand on End

Turns out that decorations don’t always decorate — at least that’s what modern designers think. They shock society by using 100% of their imagination and create some truly weird stuff. While these trends may be unique and impressive, they’re definitely not for everyday use.

Bright Side has collected the best examples of such unique trends that are fun to look at, but not fun to wear.

A complete merging with nature

Venice Carnival is going to play with new colors if you wear this mask.

Not the best accessory, but very effective.

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This accessory is a really big trend in Japan.

A little pink dress that not everyone would dare to wear

More Nicolas Cage, please!

A sweets-bag for those who have a serious sweet tooth

When you always want to put your best foot forward:

This outerwear must be extremely comfortable.

This is strange but impressive.

For very unique ladies

The clothes of Medusa

The ring of a dentist’s girlfriend

Mini ear fish tanks

Well, at least it is elegant.

Teeth have the right to be fashionable too!

Where do they find these dresses?

This designer creates these accessories from Barbie parts…

…lots of Barbie parts.

Now the phrase, “I’ll give you my heart” has a literal meaning.

Even shoes can show off their tongues.

Now your smartphone won’t be naked.

A bracelet made from real hair

A hand cover for those who lack communication

A mini necklace trap that doesn’t actually work

A bag in the shape of a baby in case there’s something you want to hint to your partner about

Amazon’s answer to sun protection

Which of these designer’s creations impressed you the most? Would you dare to wear any of them? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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