A Must-Check List of Unobvious Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles

A Must-Check List of Unobvious Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles

A Must-Check List of Unobvious Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles

We all want to keep our skin smooth and soft. We buy expensive skincare products but very often we don’t notice that some of our daily actions and habits cancel out their positive effects. But if we change our lifestyle and behavior, we will get the chance to admire our reflection in the mirror as well as beautiful facial skin.

We at Bright Side decided to figure out which habits provoke the appearance of wrinkles.

1. Washing your face too often

It’s good to keep the facial skin clean especially if you have oily or combination skin that is prone to acne.

Cosmetologists don’t recommend using a peel-off scrub more than 2 times per week. Also, you shouldn’t cleanse your face with a lotion or tonic water daily. These things interfere with the natural environment of the skin, which reduces the skins immunity and over dries it, thus, becoming the number one reason that wrinkles appear.

2. Sleeping with your face on the pillow

Many people like sleeping on their tummies. But by doing so, we squeeze and mechanically damage the skin, as well as hinder normal circulation and which deprives it of oxygen at night.

To minimize the risks, opt for another sleeping position. Ideally, it should be sleeping on your back with a little sausage-shaped cushion instead of a pillow. This will help your skin stay soft and smooth longer. Additionally, this will help tighten your neck too. The second possible option is sleeping on your side.

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3. Smoking

There is no need to explain anything here. Nicotine and tar dry the skin, making smoking incompatible with the desire to prolong youth. Manufacturers of cigarettes even write about this on the outside of cigarette packs.

4. Excess makeup

Wearing a thick layer of cosmetics on your face all day prevents the skin from breathing. Cosmetologists recommend applying a cream, makeup foundation, and a light powder for your daytime makeup, leave all other cosmetic items for your evening makeup. It’s important to apply cosmetics correctly in order to not stretch the skin.

Also, it’s necessary to clean all cosmetics from your skin before going to sleep.

5. Time spent in front of the screen

We spend a lot of time in front of our mobile devices and laptop screens. These smart devices can really harm our skin. The neck is the first body part where you will notice the damage because wrinkles on the border of the neck and the chin start to appear.

You should try to do face-fitness regularly and massage your face and neck. Also, try to keep a right angle between the neck and the chin line while working at a desk.

6. Sitting near a heater

Heating appliances and central heating are the enemies of our beauty during cold seasons. They dry out our skin and hair and cause premature aging.

Drinking more water and using a moisturizing cream can be a good way to remedy this situation.

7. Fat free diet

Fats are very important for our skin and it becomes dry and lusterless without them.

Fish, nuts, and olive oil contain fatty acids that are responsible for the skin’s condition and the condition of our overall health. They help vitamins and other nutrients assimilate and prevent the skin from drying.

8. Taking hot showers or baths

Taking a long hot shower or bath is a good way of relaxing after a work day. But unfortunately, it can cause skin problems including the appearance of wrinkles. Hot water deprives the skin of natural fats, reduces its protective properties, which makes it age prematurely.

A good alternative is to take a shower or bath with the water temperature no more than 100°F. If you have weak vessels, then finishing with a cool shower can help restore the balance and strengthen the skin.

9. Refusing to get contact lenses or eyeglasses when you have poor eyesight

People with bad eyesight squint all the time. This negatively affects the condition of the tender skin around their eyes and causes the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Remember to use glasses and contact lenses, especially when working in front of the computer.

10. Popping pimples

We all know that it’s something we shouldn’t do but we do it anyway from time to time.

Apart from risking infection, we injure the skin when we pop pimples. You can even end up having a little scar or a tiny wrinkle in this place.

11. Rarely changing bed linens

A pillowcase can be a source of danger for your skin — it holds onto makeup, hair product, and is full of different bacteria. During sleep, all of these can get on your face and the chemical elements that haircare items contain can cause premature aging.

That’s why it’s better to change your pillowcase every 2-3 days.

12. Chewing gum constantly

The habit of chewing gums constantly is dangerous for your beauty. Permanent jaw movements can cause the early appearance of wrinkles around the mouth because the skin in this area stretches.

It’s better to replace gum with candy.

13. Refusing to wear SPF creams

It’s not a secret that active sun rays can cause premature skin aging. That’s why it’s necessary to use sunscreen not only while you’re on the beach, but every day. Your skin will thank you for it.

Sun rays that come through glass are also harmful. That’s why it’s important to apply sunscreen containing vitamin C on your face, hands, and neck before going on a long car trip.

Are you aware of any other secrets that help your skin stay tight and smooth? Please share them with us in the comments!

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