14 Tricks to Make Your Smartphone Pictures Look Like Professional Ones

14 Tricks to Make Your Smartphone Pictures Look Like Professional Ones

You can take really cool photos with smartphones these days. What was impossible a few years ago has now become achievable.

Bright Side wants to show you a few tricks with composition, light or the technical settings on your phone to get great pictures finishing with the truely surprising bonus.

1. Multicolored filter

Cover the camera with clear tape, and paint the tape with markers. We used blue and red, but the colors are your personal choice.

2. Taking photos from above

Attach your phone to the ceiling with tape to get the perfect shot from above.

3. Needle and business card

Make a tiny hole in a business card, and place it in front of the camera to get soft delicate photos.

4. Placemat or paper

Attach a placemat or a piece of paper (white or colored) to the wall to take a photo without any sharp angles or corners.

5. Make your own light box

All you need is a box, thin fabric, white paper and a couple of lights. The result is so professional taht nobody will believe that you paid only a few dollares for this setup.

6. The rule of thirds

Split your image up horizontally or vertically into thirds, and try to place the subject of interest on one of those lines or intersections. It’s even better if you place them where the thirds intersect.

7. Diagonals

Diagonal lines give a strong sense of movement and force, creating a strong impression of perspective and 2-dimensional depth and drawing you into an image.

8. Technical settings

ISO and shutter speed affect the brightness and darkness of your image.

ISO measures light sensitivity. The lower the number, the less sensitive your camera is to light. It basically acts as an amplifier light, giving shots a greater chance of being captured in dim environments.

You can play with these settings when there is not enough natural light or when you deliberately want overexposed pictures.

You may need to practice a bit to get what you want because even the best apps have limitations.

9. Focus

The autofocus on a smartphone’s camera is very good these days, but adjusting the focus manually can completely change the highlight of the picture. In some cases, it can give you more control over what you want to deliver with your photo.

10. White balance control

White balance control helps you to have more control of colors. You can make something look natural, compromising the effect of the natural light. Or you can make it look totally unnatural and get very a different impression.

11. Colored filters

Using colored filters can make a photo look very surreal. You can take some film or plastic, place it in front of the camera, and go ahead!

12. Avoid flash

A flash’s light can give an unwanted reflection. Instead of the flash, play with the camera’s settings — ISO and shutter speed. You can also use direct light from a torch. It may not work on all occasions, but it is worth trying.

13. Don’t zoom

Professional photographers say that your feet are the best zoom for photography. In other words, do not zoom but get closer to the subject if you want to have good pics. Of course, if it’s possible.

14. Crop

Cropping can dramatically change the whole impression of a photo.

Bonus: Turn your phone into a hologram projector

This trick will allow you to turn your phone into a hologram projector. All you need is a plastic CD cover, a sharp knife, tape, and some patience. Have fun!

There are so many ways to make photos look cool and professional. Some are basic; some are very advanced. We are sure you have your own special tricks for taking outstanding photos with a smartphone. Share yours in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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