18 Funny Photos Proving That You Should Never, Ever, Trust A Cat

Cats are often misunderstood because of their apathetic and somehow mysterious disposition. They’ve been the subject of various myths and legends throughout history. Cats came from being praised as gods to being treated as the physical manifestation of evil witches. These myths and superstitions about these harmless animals proved how little we knew of them. But now that extensive research has been conducted and many of those held beliefs about cats have been debunked, only one thing can be held true: they can’t be trusted. If you need more proof, just look at the pictures these cat owners posted on the internet. They are certain to leave you laughing and on the lookout for these erratic pets.

1. This cat who wouldn’t let her guilt bother her

2. This cat who found a very unique place to sit

3. After being purposefully locked in the bathroom, this cat is obviously very pissed

4. This cat who likes to test his limits

5. These two cats who decided to wage war on the human trying to bathe them

6. This cat who doesn’t know how a vase works

7. This cat who would rather do pilates

8. This cat who suspiciously loves books

9. This cat who doesn’t like twerking

10. This owner who figured out how to keep a cat downstairs

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