20+ Epic Design Fails That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

There are so many things a designer has to take into account while working, and whether you are a graphic designer, a product designer or an interior designer, attention to detail is always one of the most important skills. Despite this premise, mistakes happen, just like any other job in the world.
The bad news for designers is their mistakes are more noticeable than other workers’ mistakes, and these days the risk is that someone will post it online to share a good laugh with the entire world.
This is exactly what happened with the epic design fails of this list, compiled by Just Something, that are absolutely impossible not to laugh at.

1. These restroom tiles

2. This pregnancy test, for “when you want to be sure”

3. Just why…

4. This “creative” napkin design

5. Perfect mirror placement

6. I wouldn’t rip this off

7. This elevator

8. Exactly what I want on my shirt: someone else wearing a similar shirt

9. This overly optimistic card

10. This flower dress

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