A Town In Iceland Created An Insane 3D Crosswalk To Slow Down Drivers

A new type of crosswalk is making a lot of people double take in Ísafjörður, Iceland because, well, it’s pretty much insane. This new innovative crosswalk is an optical illusion that aims to help reduce drivers that are constantly speeding. From the driver’s point of view, it seems like the white parts of the crosswalk are raised up out of the road, which is pretty trippy. The extra impressive part is that from the pedestrians view the crosswalk also appears to be floating. This makes something as trivial as crossing the street a little more fun, as well as increasing safety. I know I’m not the only one whose hopped white stripe to white stripe like I’m Buddy the Elf when he first discovered New York City. This new 3D crosswalk brings that to a whole new level.


The idea came from a similar project in New Delhi India, which proved to be successful. Iceland’s environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla saw it wanted to bring something similar to his homeland. Can’t blame ya, Ralf! He contacted Vegmálun GÍH, a street painting company to help get this crosswalk poppin’ (bad joke).Thanks to these pictures taken by Gusti Productions Agust G. Atlason, I’ve never been more jealous of people crossing the street.

Who said crossing the street couldn’t get any cooler? Now that I’ve seen these crosswalks coming at me in the third dimension fashion, I don’t know if I can ever look at the boring plain flat ones the same way. Now every street corner I cross will be filled with nothing but dull disappointment. If we had access to these bad boys drivers will be forced to slow down when approaching the seemingly floating blocks on the road. Not only that, jaywalking would be obliterated from existence. So, not only do these things improve safety, increase fun, they also help fight crime 24/7, 365. Not all heroes wear capes, some create dope 3D art.

There’s A LOT of disagreements in the political climate of the country. You hear a lot of controversial and negative things all over the media and no one seems to agree on anything anymore. How can we all disagree on a concept that keeps everyone safe? I don’t know who we need to talk to or what political figure we need to get in touch with, but, I do know this – we need to bring this to America ASAP. Trying to get everyone behind one common issue? Boom. Here you go. I don’t care what party, race, age, gender, salary whatever you are, if you can’t get behind a fun way of spicing up the tedious everyday task of getting from point A to point B, then I’ve truly lost faith in the world. We all have a little kid in us who are dying to hop across this awesome new generation of crosswalks.

You can read more about this here: Gústi Productions, Vegmálun GÍH

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