Canadian TV Personality Poses With Cougar He Killed For Fun—And Twitter Didn’t Hold Back

People on the Internet don’t like it when you kill animals for sport, pleasure, or to fill in some kind of endless void in your soul. Maybe it’s because nature is amazing and animals can’t defend themselves against sophisticated weaponry.

Well, Canadian TV host Steve Ecklund went out to the wilds of northern Alberta and killed himself a giant cougar. He then posted some pictures of himself on his Facebook wall with the dead animal, beaming like a Cub Scout who just won the Pinewood Derby. His dog also appears in some of the photos, looking a little terrified of the vanquished beast, but also a little ashamed of his human master. (Warning: If you don’t want to see a picture of Ecklund with his kill, just scroll down the page.)

To be fair, Ecklund is an experienced outdoorsman who encourages responsible and safe hunting practices. He hosts an outdoors TV show called The Edge, and everything he did up in Cougar Town was completely legal. Ecklund also at least ate the animal’s meat — he made a stir-fry out of cougar flesh. Nevertheless, posting ghoulish photos and bragging about hunting down an unsuspecting animal is just naturally going to get a guy roasted on social media.

Laureen Harper, Canada’s former First Lady and an avid hunter herself, really let Ecklund have it.

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