Twitter Bands Together To Find Man Who Left Envelope Full Of Money At A Bar—And We’re Cheering

The Alexandra is a pub like most of the other thousands of pubs in England. The watering hole and community gathering spot in the southwestern London neighborhood of Wimbledon is old, tastefully decorated, and attracts a pretty consistent and loyal clientele.

Some of those customers showed just how loyal they are, and how a pub really can be a community nexus. On December 21, someone at the pub found a large envelope marked only with the word “Mariusz.” Inside the envelope, however, was a ton of cash, likely the Christmas salary of a guy named Mariusz (pronounced “Marry-Ush.”) The pub used its Twitter account to try to find Mariusz, using the hashtag #FindMariusz, so as to reunite him with the money he likely very much needs for the holidays and beyond. Ever since, the pub has relentlessly used social media the right way, composing tweets and Facebook messages to get the word out.

They even used security footage from the night in question to try to identify Mariusz.

The Alexandra didn’t stop there. Somebody wondered if since Mariusz was a Polish name, they should spread the news in Polish, too.

The holiday spirit-fueled drive to get Mariusz his money soon became a quest for many. More than 3 million people saw the Alexandra’s tweets.

And, well, it worked.

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