Man Somehow Gets His Genitals Trapped In Subway Gate—And We’re Wincing

The human body has something of a design flaw. Or at least the male human body has something of a design flaw. The genitals, those organs that propagate a man’s genetics as well as the entire human race, sit on the outside of the body. They’re just dangling there, ready to get in the way or get stuck in something.

That said, it’s still difficult for a guy to actually get his penis stuck in something he doesn’t want it to get stuck in, particularly if he’s the kind of guy who wears pants in public. Who gets their dangling participle stuck in a subway gate anyhow? Maybe that’s not the right question. How does a man get his penis stuck in a subway gate? Why does a man get his penis stuck in a subway gate?

This week, a man in the London Tube system tried to avoid paying the few pounds in cost to ride by jumping over the gates. He didn’t quite make it, however, and snagged his clothed inner thigh and penis in one of those gates. That’s when he screamed in pain and needed the help of others to break free. But don’t take our word for it—there’s a video that somebody took of the rescue process and posted to Facebook, which isn’t embarrassing at all.

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