Reality Star Releases Book With Tone Deaf Title–And Women Are Crying Foul

For those who don’t live in England, Louise Thompson is a reality TV star. She’s part of the cast of Made in Chelsea, a The Hills-ish reality soap. A book publisher called Yellow Kite Books just announced that in May 2018 they’ll publish Thompson’s first book, a collection of healthy recipes and fitness tips called Body Positive.

So what’s wrong with what? Well, “body positive” is a very loaded, explicitly defined phrase that means “to be happy with the body one has, and to not get hung up on impossible-to-meet Western standards of beauty.” That standard: thin, blonde, and long-legged. To call a diet/fitness book Body Positive is risky already…coupled with the fact that the cover features a semi-scantily clad photo of Thompson who very much embodies that Western standard of beauty that the body positive moment aims to topple. Yeah, on the cover of Body Positive, that blond lady is so thin you can see her ribs.

Women on twitter are simply not having any of this hypocrisy / exploitation of an earnest movement. They’re making their negative comments about Body Positive known.

This has to be a joke… surely?

Some think Thompson may be grossly misinformed.

[Eye roll]

lmao this woman has viisble abs and the name of her book is “Body Positive”? Okay, Louise.

Wait, it’s actually kind of dangerous, even.

Not mincing words:

You’re missing the entire point. Stop cashing in on something that you clearly don’t understand. We don’t need to change to fit your mold to be positive. This is garbage

Stay, uh, positive?

What do you think?

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