Animals That Definitely Aren’t Prepared to Have Their Picture Taken

Animals That Definitely Aren’t Prepared to Have Their Picture Taken

“Being photogenic” generally means being able to look good on camera. As people, we struggle with this all the time, which is why we’re always working to find good angles and flattering filters. But unlike humans, animals are cute all the time, right? Well, maybe not…

Here at Bright Side, we love our furry friends, but that doesn’t stop us from laughing when they “derp” in perfectly timed photos. Can you hold back the laughter?

“You’re gonna do what?”

This doggy was a little excited about the new puppy.

“Mister, are you the dentist?”

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This dog is enjoying their new hat. We are too.

“Farewell, folks!”

Bit by a bumblebee

“I’m a fish now.”

This seal is not impressed by the crowd.

“No, we’re not gonna say, ’cheese’.”

“I don’t think Kaz understands what “smile for the camera” means…

Her face when snuggling

He’s bored with this lamp.

Totally round dog

Nobody would look good in this situation.

Sneaky deer

Like trainer, like seal!

“So many pretty ladies, my eyes ran away with them.”

“Hello, darkness, my old friend…”

This tiger is failing at being a tiger.

This sadness though!

“That was a bitter berry!”

A very amused fish

Which of these photos made you giggle? Or maybe you have pictures of your own to share with us? Be sure to do so in the comment section below!

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