18 People Who Should Get a Nobel Prize for Their Life Hacks

18 People Who Should Get a Nobel Prize for Their Life Hacks

If we needed to choose people to be with on a deserted island, we would definitely choose the guys from this article. If they can turn a stain on a T-shirt into an island or come to the beach with a ladder, they will survive anywhere!

Bright Side has collected pictures of users who see reality from a different angle and find new ways to use ordinary things.

“If you stain a shirt, you can simply outline the stain with a sharpie and give it a name. This will make it seem like you visit different islands.”

A great way to store a lot of bottles without taking up a lot of space

This will help you make the sound from your laptop louder.

window.TSP.DFP.triggeredSlots.csEnded.inreadDesktop = {
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getCsSlotIndex: function (n) {
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n = {index: n ? n[1] : 0, type: n ? n[2] : null};
return n;
setSingleSlot: function (ret, parentContainer) {
if (!ret) {
var childs = parentContainer.getElementsByClassName(‘dfp-ad-block-div’);
for (var i = 0; i < childs.length; i++) {
trigger: function (context) {
var parentElement = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
var ret = parentElement.classList.contains('inread-desktop-container') && !parentElement.classList.contains('dfp-single-inread-block');

if (ret) {
var cs = this.getCsSlotIndex(context.slotTrg.cs_slot_index[0]);
this.queue[cs.index] = !this.queue[cs.index] ? {L: false, R: false} : this.queue[cs.index];
this.queue[cs.index][cs.type] = true;
ret &= this.queue[cs.index]['L'] && this.queue[cs.index]['R'];
this.setSingleSlot(ret, parentElement);

return ret;
action: function (context) {
var parentContainer = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
parentContainer.dataset.state = 'closed';

When your geometry knowledge comes in handy:

“My friend forgot her fork today.”

“It’s a bigger problem than we thought…”

“While we are living in 2017, my dad is living in 3017.”

“I saw this when I went to the beach. Amazing!”

“My uncle’s DIY universal remote”

When you don’t want to lose a client:

Easy paper towel hanger

A paint roller doubles as a toilet paper holder.

“My father hid his beer.”

When you went to the beach and remembered you couldn’t swim:

How’s that for innovation?

When you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time:

A knife holder you can make in one minute

This guy is genius.

Bonus: We’re sure he’ll grow up to invent something really cool!

Do you have any funny, useful lifehacks you want to share with the world?

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