21 Photos That Are Hard to Look at With a Straight Face

21 Photos That Are Hard to Look at With a Straight Face

According to the urban dictionary, a “poker face” is an emotionless mask of a face that completely lacks expression. But we bet even those who have mastered this useful skill would “break” at a sight of these pictures.

Either with a confused “hmm” or a laugh, none of us at Bright Side could get through this whole list and keep a straight face. Let’s see how you react to these outlandish photos!

Do you want milk with that?

It doesn’t rain often in Egypt, but when it does, it rains buses.

Nightmare fuel

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setSingleSlot: function (ret, parentContainer) {
if (!ret) {
var childs = parentContainer.getElementsByClassName(‘dfp-ad-block-div’);
for (var i = 0; i < childs.length; i++) {
trigger: function (context) {
var parentElement = document.getElementById(context.oldSlot.getSlotElementId()).parentNode;
var ret = parentElement.classList.contains('inread-desktop-container') && !parentElement.classList.contains('dfp-single-inread-block');

if (ret) {
var cs = this.getCsSlotIndex(context.slotTrg.cs_slot_index[0]);
this.queue[cs.index] = !this.queue[cs.index] ? {L: false, R: false} : this.queue[cs.index];
this.queue[cs.index][cs.type] = true;
ret &= this.queue[cs.index]['L'] && this.queue[cs.index]['R'];
this.setSingleSlot(ret, parentElement);

return ret;
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parentContainer.dataset.state = 'closed';

Just some palm trees in the back of a truck

How do you plug it in?

Somewhere, someone didn’t understand the directions.

There are those who believe that duct tape can fix anything.

Well, that’s fancy!

Taxidermy mouse chess set

I’m no architect but I think the design called for more bolts.

Some plans just don’t work…

If it gets stolen — blame the lock!

For really tough clogging

These guys are branching out!

So…how’s that working for you?

The college student struggle is real…

One of us was cruel, one of us was stupid…

If only there was an easier way to hang these things…

I call dibs on this Halloween costume!

P is for “precision”

I smell a lie…

Did you get through the article without breaking into laughter? Share your own bizarre photos and stories with us in the comments!

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