12 Subtle Movie Blunders That Are Almost Impossible to Notice

12 Subtle Movie Blunders That Are Almost Impossible to Notice

Many of us notice different blunders in our favorite movies like director’s mistakes, silly plot twists, or bad camera work. The least noticeable mistakes are those having to do with location and props. Just imagine how disappointing it must be to shoot a high-budget movie and later find out that the main character was wearing clothes that didn’t even match the time period of the movie.

It seems impossible to give the wrong costume to an actor because there are so many professionals working on big-budget movies. But at Bright Side, we’re here to tell you that it happens all the time in some of our favorite blockbuster hits.

1. Pride and Prejudice

This movie is set at the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th. And it seems that prop masters did an amazing job with the costumes to make sure that everything matched the era. However, there is one statue in Mr. Darcy’s collection, A veiled Vestal Virgin, that Raffaele Monti will only start working on in 1846 which is about half a century after the events took place in the movie.

2. Dirty Dancing

Everyone wore jeans in the ’60s, but the short ones like the pair that the main character wears will only become popular in the next decade. Jennifer Grey wouldn’t have worn something so revealing in this time period even though the script said so.

3. American Hustle

Experts claim that the watch on the FBI agent’s wrist is a Rolex GMT-Master II 116718. The 116710 series was released only in 2007, and the model that the FBI agent is wearing was released in 2010 — but Louis C.K. probably liked the model so much that he couldn’t resist. The problem is that the movie is set at the end of the ’70s.

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4. The Ten Commandments

Queen Nefertiti could have worn semi-transparent clothes, that’s for sure. However, the bra that you can see under the dress of this actress doesn’t look like something from Ancient Egypt.

5. Catch Me If You Can

This movie is set in the ’60s. The braces that the character in the movie wears will actually appear 10 years later.

6. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

A spyglass is a complicated device that allows you to see things from a long distance. The official date of the invention is considered to be 1608. Many people might say that the blueprints of such a device were found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s diaries dating back to 1509, but that’s 300 years after the legendary Robin Hood died of old age. He lived in the 12th century.

7. Singin’ In The Rain

This movie is set in the ’20s of the previous century. Back then, strappy sundresses made of synthetic silk with beads on them were fashionable. Of course, dresses like the one this character wore looked much better and more trendy than those of the ’20s, and they appeared only in the ’50s.

8. My Girl

This movie is set in the summer of 1972. The main character shows her friend a ring that can change color depending on the owner’s mood. Looks like she got one of the first prototypes because this ring would only be widely popular about 3 years later.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Experts can’t really determine the exact time the movie is set because there are a lot of costumes from different times periods on the film’s sailors and pirates. But everyone agrees that the events happened between the beginning of the 17th century and the end of the 18th century. However, the gallows with the open floors were only used at the end of the 19th century.

10. 300

Spartan warriors would never fight wearing something that hindered their movements. We’re talking about a cape that an enemy could grab or pull, making a warrior fall to the ground. More than that, every warrior had special armor that covered their entire body, leaving no way for us to see the abs of Leonidas I.

11. The Aviator

The TWA stood for Trans World Airlines only in 1950. But during the recovery of Howard Hughes in 1946–1947, it was still called Transcontinental & Western Air. All the planes and hangars in the movie say the new name of the company.

12. Terminator Genisys

On Judgement Day, the 29th of August in 1997, you can see the 3rd generation Toyota Prius (2009), the 3rd generation Land Rover Range Rover (2002), and the Dodge Charger SRT8 (2012). Whoops!

Such mistakes could have been caused by different factors: a simple lack of attention, not wanting to lose the beauty of the picture, or a lack of time to look for the necessary costumes. Have you noticed similar mistakes in other famous movies? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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