15 People Who Have Impeccable Timing

15 People Who Have Impeccable Timing

At some point we’ve probably all thought, “I wish I had said…” or “I wish I had done…” after it’s too late. But the heroes of today’s article had the most well timed reactions to the issues they had to face.

Bright Side has collected some stories from people who were able to turn what could have been a complete fail into something advantageous for themselves.

  • My dog literally ate my term paper. Yes, my huge St. Bernard, Jacques, ate my paper for my college course. My teacher didn’t believe me until I brought the dog to his home where he ate 4 of his paychecks while we were arguing. Ever since that incident, I have had a new friend (my history teacher) that sometimes meets us and gives Jacques treats.
  • My friend was so nervous during an exam that she completely forgot all the right answers. She told our strict teacher, “I close my eyes and see my notes where I have all the answers!” The teacher answered, “Then close your eyes and read! I don’t mind!”
  • In the past, I used to move from apartment to apartment because the rents were extremely high. I kept trying to find something cheaper but then I had to deal with deposits. All in all, I went on vacation for 2 weeks, got a job as a real estate assistant, found an awesome apartment with no deposits or extra fees. I think that was my greatest decision ever.
  • When my cat pushes my door open and comes in my room, I sometimes feel too lazy to close it so I aim a laser pointer at the door and get my cat to jump at the door until it closes.
  • Went to the mall to buy new jeans. 2 hours, 10 shops, and zero results. There are so many different styles of jeans: with rhinestones, holes, patterns, and even jeans that look like leggings. I was desperate to find something suitable and decided it was time to go home, but as I was leaving I decided to stop in a men’s clothing shop. OMG, why didn’t I find this earlier? 5 minutes, 2 tries, and the perfect jeans were found. I hope you’ll find this life hack useful.

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  • I had always dreamed of buying a car but couldn’t manage to save money. I crafted a bank loan request with excellent (for me) conditions. To he honest, I didn’t think it would be approved. I was working one day when the phone rang: it was a bank officer who wanted to go over some things with me! I described myself as a great and responsible worker. In 5 minutes, I received a text that my loan was approved!
  • After my brother and his wife gave birth to their first baby, relatives started to pester them about when they were having their second child. Even her mother, who lived far away and didn’t take part in raising the kids, insisted more than the others. So my brother’s wife started to call all these annoying relatives at night, “You’re experienced, you know what to do… How do you do this? When do you do that? Do you know any lullabies?” She listened to all of their tips but never followed them. In about a month, everyone left her alone. I’m convinced she’s a genius.
  • I work as a wedding interior decorator and my team and I always stay for a while to understand whether our customers were satisfied or not. Once there was an incident where there were double arches: one we made with beautiful flowers and another one with hanging beads. Everything was fine, but as the couple was taking their vows, a scream pierced the air. A seagull had gotten tangled in beads. The groom ran up to the seagull and set it free, saying, “This seagull is just like me: I was tangled in my own thoughts and problems. But when you appeared, you set me free and gave me hope.”
  • My husband gave me an expensive leather belt that I wanted for my birthday. But he chose the wrong size because he thought I was very slim when I actually wasn’t. So I had to lose weight to wear this belt. Thank you, honey, for this motivation.
  • Everyone knows that it’s pretty difficult to feed children and almost impossible to negotiate with them. My dinner method is really simple: “Kids, do you want ramen or spaghetti? Which soup do you want? With mushrooms or with champignons?” The fact is that what I am offering is almost all the same, but the kids think they have a choice and they’re happy, so they always eat with pleasure.
  • I was trying to help my daughter with some school work. She had to draw a picture from a fairytale and honestly, we are terrible artists. So I took carbon paper and transferred an image from one of her books. My daughter was so excited, she said that she’d never seen this way of drawing. Forgotten technologies always come in handy.
  • As luck would have it, the day I decided to go to the supermarket with oily hair, wearing old sweatpants I saw my ex-boyfriend. He had made a fool of me and made me feel terrible about myself when we were breaking up. I couldn’t think of anything better to get revenge than to ask a stranger to kiss me and this guy was so confused that he didn’t resist. The best part is, this ended up being the most shameless way to find a new boyfriend. We are still together and we both laugh remembering that situation.
  • I was fed up with a problem I had to face each morning: What do I wear? How do I combine outfits? So I took all my clothes, tried on every combination, and took photos. I printed these photos and created an album. Now, when I’m going somewhere, I look through my album and choose what to wear depending on the weather, the occasion, and the place.
  • My mom is a genius. When my little sister first asked to try chocolate, mom gave her the darkest chocolate that she could manage to find. My sister didn’t want to eat it for almost 10 years thinking that all chocolate was bitter. She couldn’t understand why I liked it.
  • I developed a mantra for my life: “It’s not that complicated.” It’s not that complicated to clean the bathroom after taking a bath. It’s not that complicated to wash the dishes after dinner. There are lots of examples. When I feel lazy and don’t want to do anything, I just repeat, “It’s not that complicated.” This internal motivation actually ends up saving me time too!

Have you found yourself in these situations? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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