25 People Who Turned Their Lives Around and Have the Photos to Prove It

25 People Who Turned Their Lives Around and Have the Photos to Prove It

What can be better than doing something that everyone said you couldn’t do? It’s an incredible feeling to overcome obstacles, especially when you end up exceeding the expectations of everyone around you and yourself, as well. The thing is, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming and many people give up before they reach their goal. The people you’re about to see in this list didn’t give up. They set a goal and they reached it.

Bright Side put together a list of 25 incredible examples of the power of persistence. We hope these photos will inspire our readers to become the best and healthiest version of themselves!

“Photo on the left was from 2 years ago today and I’m still shocked that I actually have a neck.”

“My wife and I have lost a ton of weight together! It has brought us closer together and we are so much happier for it. 170 lb in this picture together, 185 lb currently.”

“Weight gain can be just as hard as weight loss.”

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A transformation of a homeless man

“My success in treating rosacea and acne.”

She overcame her struggle with anorexia and got a perfect body at the gym.

“Doesn’t seem like much to some, but this is after 100 days of no alcohol. Don’t let fear of judgment get in the way of a better life.”

This transformation is the best proof against the general opinion that women gain weight after getting married:

“60 lb to 95 lb. One year of recovering from anorexia; no doctors, no tubes, no intervention — just me and a lot of hard work.”

“Transformation: I don’t have a clue how this is even the same person, but they are both me.”

Before and after getting rid of alcoholic and drug addiction:

6 years without cancer!

“My face before & after losing 350 lb.”

“I successfully conquered acne within 8 months.”

“I lost 70 lb and have been free from alcohol and drugs for 3 months.”

She managed to lose 200 lb.

“I live with Hypophosphatasia. It’s a rare bone disorder that causes a lot of bone and muscle problems. I’ve been losing my teeth since I was 13. Needless to say, I’m very happy today.”

“Today marks 9 months of CF and I gave birth to what appear to be muscles! Who knew someone who hadn’t even touched a barbell up until that point could fall in love with getting stronger each day? Completing my first Tough Mudder on Saturday!”

“Recovery from an eating disorder is a long and rough process and I can’t thank my friends and family enough for staying by my side.”

“Instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I’m celebrating dropping 285 pounds of dead weight.”

“Through thick and thin. Together my wife and I have lost 315 lb.”

“Before-and-after pic just 4 weeks into getting my Rosacea under control!!!! Feels amazing to not have to hide my face!!!”

Weight loss transformation. From 250 lb to 176 lb in 7 months following keto/low-carb only.

He gained 6 lb of muscles working out at home for 3 months.

She managed to lose 150 lb in a year.

Incredible Collin Clarke has Down syndrom. Still, he managed to lose weight, to gain muscle mass, and even take part in a bodybuilding competition.

Which transformation did you find the most inspiring? Do you have victories of your own? Share your experiences and photos with us in the comments!

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