If You Think That You’ve Seen Everything, Our Stories With Unpredictable Endings Will Convince You Otherwise

If You Think That You’ve Seen Everything, Our Stories With Unpredictable Endings Will Convince You Otherwise

Could someone get a job even if they applied out of sheer frustration? Is it possible to have a meeting with foreigners if you don’t know their language? The answer is “yes.” Read these stories if you don’t believe us.

Bright Side collected the most interesting internet user stories that prove our life is unpredictable.

  • I have a simple brooch, nothing special. Once on the subway, an old woman sat next to me and asked me to sell it to her. I refused and she gave me her phone number and asked me to think about it. I got curious and called her. It turned out that this brooch was her mother’s brooch and she’d sold it 60 years ago to buy food for her family. She even showed me some of her old family photos. I gave her the brooch back and refused the money.
  • I decided to plant an avocado pit. I created a special construction, placed the seed in a glass of water, faced the pointed end of the seed upward, and started to wait until it cracked and roots appeared. I also forbade my husband to touch it because he likes to break things. A few days ago, it finally cracked. I was so excited, I texted my husband (he was at work), “Avocado pit is cracked!” And sent a picture. As I was typing that the roots were going to appear soon, my husband answered, “It wasn’t me! I didn’t touch your pit!”
  • On my resume, a wrote that I knew a foreign language. Who there would be able to test my Czech anyway? I passed the interview and no one asked about my language skills. One year later, when I’d already forgotten about my lie, my boss says, “Company representatives are coming tomorrow. You’re going to negotiate with them. We’re lucky to have someone who speaks Czech!” Long story short, my boss actually ended up being very pleased. The Czech folks were constantly laughing and ended up agreeing to our terms. As for me, I wasn’t telling any jokes, I was just asking where their hotel was over and over again and kept repeating that I didn’t know any of the Czech language.

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  • Once, a guy came up to me using broken English and asked me to show him the way to a museum. I explained to him how to get there and he said he was from Germany. Fortunately, I studied German in college and it was a great chance for me practice that I didn’t want to miss. So I switched to German in the blink of an eye and he just said, using pure English, “Oh, excuse me, I made a mistake” and walked away.
  • My dad is a very serious man and doesn’t like cute things. But a few days ago I discovered his softer side when I was a passenger in his car. As we were driving around, there were birds sitting on the road and he proceeded to yell out the window at them, “Birdies, fly away! I don’t want to kill you!”
  • I went to the movies with friends and we agreed to meet each other inside the theater. As far as I understood they were going to buy my ticket because I was running late. I ran up to the ticket office and explained, “My friends have bought me a ticket, they’re waiting inside.” He let me in and I found my friends and told them this story and they’re like, “But we didn’t buy you a ticket.” I feel so ashamed… The film’s over, I go up to the ticket office, explain the situation, and he answers:

— Did you like the movie?

— Yes, but…

— Great.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend and was walking down the street feeling really stressed out. So I bought a vanilla milkshake and the milkshake itself turned out to be green which surprised me. But it tasted really good so I kind of forgot about it. I finished it and went in to the subway. There was a couple right next to me and they were both staring at me. I thought that they must have understood everything because I looked so pathetic. When I finally got back to my apartment and looked in the mirror, I realized that I wasn’t actually pathetic looking, but my lips were greener than frogs…
  • My friend has always dreamt about having a magnificent wedding with a big cake, flowers, beautiful colors, blue skies… She’s getting married to her beloved Armenian boyfriend and as she’s planning it, everything is going wrong: his aunt chose the restaurant, picked pink decorations, and ordered a cake with peach flowers on it. My friend only managed to get the right to choose her dress and had to keep it a secret. When her wedding day finally arrived and here comes the bride in a magnificent cornflower blue dress.
  • After months of job searching, my husband hit the ceiling and sent his CV to a big gas company that offered a very high salary. Guess what? He was selected for an interview and got the job even though he wasn’t experienced in that field (fortunately, he had a higher technical degree). We still don’t understand how it happened, but that day opened the door to a wealthy and happy life.
  • I was 24 years old. After a fight with my husband, I was sitting in park feeling really awful. Suddenly a guy came up to me and introduced himself. We had a simple but warm conversation. He had such a magnificent smile… Then he took my hand, said I was the most beautiful girl, kissed me, and went back to his mom. Thank you 3-year-old James, I will never forget you!

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