Kate Middleton’s Photos Taken 7 Hours After Her Delivery Inspired Young Moms to Show Us Real Post-Birth Pictures

Kate Middleton’s Photos Taken 7 Hours After Her Delivery Inspired Young Moms to Show Us Real Post-Birth Pictures

At the end of April, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced their newborn Prince, Louis Arthur Charles to the world. This took place just 7 hours after Kate’s delivery. Her appearance caused a lot of hype among many people due to the fact that she was so elegant and gorgeous, wearing make-up and heels. She made all those difficulties that women have to face while giving birth look like a myth. In just a few hours, the pictures spread all over the Internet.

Bright Side gathered some examples showing the differences between the expectations people have of women after giving birth and what they actually look like.

This is Kate Middleton’s look just a few hours after her son’s birth. Some Internet users think that she’s the real Superwoman.

13. As a rule, the average woman doesn’t go to a hairdresser right after giving birth.

12. They don’t even need makeup artists and stylists. The only thing they wear is a hospital gown.

11. But sometimes their makeup has a long-lasting effect.

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10. They get really hungry after several hours of hard work.

9. Some of them just enjoy the moment.

8. And there are also women that need some time to understand what’s just happened.

7. Many of them just need to get well.

6. To be honest, the most sincere urge women have after giving birth is to sleep and get rest.

5. Because giving birth is very exhausting and sometimes you just can’t walk!

4. That’s why it’s better to restore your energy right away.

3. Nevertheless, women feel happy after their baby’s birth.

2. And each mother is a hero.

1. And a true queen!

Opinions on this topic vary greatly. Some people admire the Duchess’ appearance and others claim that Kate shouldn’t mislead people because it’s almost impossible to look so magnificent after giving birth. That’s why the world should know what actually happens to a woman in the hours right after giving birth.

What do you think about this internet trend?

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